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I just stayed here for three nights so thought I would share my experience. I pretty much agree with everything that has already been said earlier in this thread.

One thing that was a bit annoying. The week prior to arriving, I tried to arrange for an airport transfer when I arrived through the Marriott app. I always found myself questioning when I would actually use this app and this seemed like a perfect time! I inquired about an upgrade and then an airport transfer through the app. Then I stopped receiving responses (this was 2 days prior to arriving). When I finally arrived, I didn't see any hotel cars waiting and ended up catching a Meru taxi which came out to ~300 INR. The biggest difficulty was finding a driver who understood where the JW Marriott was. When I arrived, the hotel apologized for the confusion and credited me for my taxi and assured me they would arrange transport back to the airport. Then the manager came out as well, so I think they did what they could. I think it would be quite a walk from the metro with conditions not being the best so I'm glad I took the Meru taxi.

As a Platinum I had an option for breakfast in the lounge or in the K3 restaurant. I found the K3 restaurant had a lot more options so went for that. There appear to be a lot of custom dishes you can order that aren't standard in the buffet (ie. Dosas) so you may want to inquire. As for the breakfast, I found the best item to be the cheese croissants. I know this sounds crazy but these were out of this world!

One gotcha. I was kind of in a hurry for a meeting one morning and ended up taking the hotel car there. According to Google Maps, the office was ~10km away and the hotel car ended up costing ~5,000 INR (75 USD)! After investigation it seems there is a flat rate of 4,500 INR for 40KM or 4.5 hours and you must also pay for the car's return to the hotel. This was a bit of a surprise for me but also the first time I have ever taken a hotel car! I will chalk this one up to lessons learned.

In terms of sightseeing, I ended up hiring a car through a service my company uses. It includes a driver and ended up costing me 8,000 INR for an entire day (14 hours). I was able to visit Agra to see the Taj Mahal as well as Fatehpur Sikri and some other sites in between.

I too am not a fan of the hovering service which I felt a bit of here, yet it also seemed lacking to some degree based on a few minor things. I don't usually stay at JWs but have recently stayed at the JWs in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta and found the service a little bit better here. The location is obviously very convenient to the airport so I would probably stay here again based on that.

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