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Originally Posted by Phantom707 View Post
As stated before, xe.com is only one source for currency rates. It is not the only source, especially so given the existence of sites like the MasterCard currency conversion tool.
If we want to have comparable data, it makes sense to compare to one standard source. xe.com is easy to use and a de facto standard. MC is neither. People commonly use xe.com for comparison to other rates from money changers or banks, therefore it makes sense to use it here.

That's being a little bit mean (I'm not saying inflammatory; I'm saying mean). I was not being inflammatory. I legitimately did appreciate that you were providing data.
I was trying to be civil, but as you wish to try to push the point, the use of "actually" and "now" in the sentence imply that you don't think I was providing data previously. That is way beyond inflammatory.

Yes, it's good that you provided data, but that says nothing if the data has already been interpreted through a lens that is faulty.
None of my data has been interpreted through a lens that is faulty. (Again, just an ad hominem attack from you.) If you don't like me using XE, then make a massive comparison between the site you like and xe.com and apply your fudge factor to all my results. Over a large enough data set, individual data points aren't necessary.

Then you say I've been providing no data. I'm providing third party data by citing other people.
Fine. You stated it. No need for pages and pages of follow-up.
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