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The whole point of the thread was to explore what the user actually pays. Cards marked as "no FTF" may have different effective rates, even when issued by the same bank. The whole point is that just relying on the financial institution's claims as to what fee you will be charged is insufficient to be able to work out what you will actually be charged. Having shown that attempting to make blanket statements from the basis of bank documents is utterly pointless, you are trying to do it anyhow.

Originally Posted by Phantom707 View Post
How is that false? You haven't given a single reason that that's false.
You made the blanket assertion that MasterCard charges a 1.1% fee. Every single example (and there are plenty of them) of fee-free MasterCards is a reason why it's false. No Chase IHG MC documents suggest any such fee. The empirical evidence of my last 50 transactions at an average of better than the market rate (according to xe.com) shows that the Chase IHG MC doesn't charge such a fee. Therefore your claim is false.

Furthermore, others have posted evidence of even A+ not charging the fee!

1) If you have evidence about A+, fine, but attempting to extrapolate it to the rest of the card market is just ludicrous.
2) If you have evidence about A+, the only evidence that is worthwhile is actual real-world data. Do you have one? Have you used it? If so, post the results. If not, your assertions are off-topic.
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