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I did a test with: Citi Executive AAdvantage Master Card, American Express SPG, and Chase Sapphire VISA on 29 Feb in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The AMEX and Chase VISA charges were made at the same merchant, one immediately after the other, using the same terminal. The Citi MC charge was made a few minutes later at a different merchant. All three posted eventually with the same date, although they were listed first as pending charges. In the case of Citi MC, the pending amount was not the same as the posted amount the posted amount in USD was higher than the pending amount. Using the posted amount only, the three transactions resulted in the following exchange rates:

Citi Executive Master Card: 3.965
American Express SPG: 3.930
Chase Sapphire VISA: 3.979

The three rates are close, but Chase VISA was the best and AMEX was the worst, with MC coming in closer to VISA than to AMEX. The bad result for AMEX is in line with my previous experience. The XE.COM rate for 29 Feb is 3.978, virtually identical to Chase VISA. Based on this result, as well as previous experience, I will no longer use the 'zero surchage' AMEX SPG for non-dollar charges (except at SPG hotels, while they exist).
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