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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
81. If you were to fly into Orlando on a DC-8-61/63 operated by a foreign carrier, which airline would you be flying on and from which foreign airport would your flight have originated?
: This was the longest flight operated by this airline

In the conversation about South American D8S operators into MIA upthread, it was revealed that both VIASA and VARIG had retired their Stretch 8 fleets by 1987, (VARIG never operated the stretch 8s) and I have to think that the smaller carriers that represent the answer to that question wouldn't have had a presence at MCO in addition to their MIA operation

Then I thought about Aeronaves de Mexico, but I'm pretty sure they only flew the -51 and -62 series
(AM flew -21s, -51s and -61s but not 62s)

So it's wild guess time ... Icelandair, from Reykjavik

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!! ^^^

52. You’ve just won a porcupine grooming contest in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Awright!! Your prize: a pair of new gloves and a long weekend at the Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Unfortunately your prize doesn’t include airfare from your home in Alexandria, Virginia to Jamaica. Well, dang! Further complicating your travel plans is that your wife refuses to fly on Air Jamaica. It’s a long story… Imagine then your surprise and delight upon discovering an airline that flies nonstop between Washington Dulles and Montego Bay twice weekly on Thursdays and Sundays. The southbound flight on Thursday is operated in an all economy configuration while the northbound flight on Sunday uses a different aircraft type and offers both First Class and Coach. Identify the airline and the respective aircraft it employs on each flight.
: One aircraft was a 727-100, the other a 737-200.

I believe United had some all-coach 737s ... I think they're too obvious a candidate, but I'll stick with this guess for now

When the airport is Dulles, United is a clear favorite. In this case however, it was a different airline. Please, guess again!!
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