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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
I wonder if the Sequoia Brewing Co. brewpub and restaurant is still in operation on Olive St. in the Tower District?
As has been noted, the Tower District is indeed alive and well, especially this week with the Rogue Festival going on. I had a great time at the Sequoia Brewing Co. last night. The line was out the door but thankfully a seat was open at the bar where I joined a couple of ladies who'd lived in Fresno since the 70s along with a young audiologist from Louisiana who was doing his residency in Fresno. Food, beer, live music and company were all superb. I must return soon - if only for another pint of that deliciously hopped Mt. Whitney XPA.

I'm running a bit late this morning so for the record, jrl767, WHBM and JL are all correct in your responses. Well done! ^^

Originally Posted by jrl767
47. During the latter half of 1987 only one airline was operating scheduled nonstop flights between Canada and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Flights operated twice weekly from a single Canadian city, but with a different aircraft type each day. Identify the airline, the Canadian city it departed from and the two different aircraft types operated on the route.
: Both aircraft were wide-bodies.

How about WD's less numerous jets: DC-10 and A300?

How 'bout 'em? Not like there were a lot of other choices - good recall of fleets there, J!
Originally Posted by jlemon
48. Following yet another hectic commute into the city on the Long Island Expressway, you’re pleasantly surprised when you find a message on your answering machine from an old business associate asking if you can join her for a weekend of sunshine and golf at the exclusive Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. A quick call to your travel agent reveals a thrice weekly jet flight from JFK into the nearby airport at Greenbrier (LWB). Identify the airline and the aircraft used on this flight.

Well, I think Air Atlanta may have still been around at this point. If so, the aircraft was probably a Boeing 727-100 with the flight continuing on from LWB to ATL.

Correct! The flight operated just three days per week.
Originally Posted by WHBM
75. This airline operated an L-1011 every day except Tuesday and Thursday between Brussels and New York JFK. Which airline is it?
: C'mon now - this one's a gimme!


Up Up & Away with TWA! ^

Sorry gang - I've no OAG with me to transcribe schedules. Let me know if you're interested in any of the above flights and I'll be happy to transcribe them when I get home. My flights home are a trio of 737s - a -700, a -900 and a -400.

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