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Originally Posted by WHBM View Post
I only came through Fresno once, September 8 1994 (don't ask why I can remember), having flown up from LAX and then driven on to Yosemite. We drove around downtown on the return, but didn't see anything that encouraged getting out of the car. I said it looked very Middle America, and was instantly corrected that nowhere in California was like that. Ah, ok

Anyone like to guess what AA was flying on the route at the time ...

I think it was also the first time I ever saw a jet power back from the gate using reverse thrust. An AA MD80 headed for Dallas did it. Seems to be not allowed anywhere over here in Europe, here if there's no tractor available you swing in front of the terminal, beyond the reach of the jetway, so you can depart continuing forward. It appeared to require full reverse thrust. I still think though a Vanguard manoeuvring carefully into the old Edinburgh terminal was more decibels.
Ah, yes, there wasn't too much going on in beautiful downtown Fresno back then. We'd have lunch at the brewpub in the Tower District and then hit Trader Joe's for provisions before heading up to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

LAX-FAT in 1994: perhaps this was an American Eagle flight operated by Wings West with a BAe Jetstream 31.

And the first time I witnessed an MD-80 power back from the gate was at John Wayne (SNA). The airline was the original Frontier and the airplane was departing for Denver. Of course, SNA is a noise sensitive airport....but not when you're still on the ground departing from the gate, I reckon. BTW, I have not seen a jet use this power back method in many years so perhaps it is no longer practiced on this side of the pond.
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