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Check to make sure they're not yellow fly bites (deer flies). They would have swolen up and looked like they blistered. If they broke, they will itch for a long, long time. They have a tendency to bite below the knees. And they do scar if you don't take care of them.

I have a terrible reaction to the bites and have learned that when traveling to areas where they are in season, to have my "bite kit" ready. Which includes alcohol wipes, antibiotic cream, anti-bacterial spray, anti itch spray, and lots of bandaids. With that arsenal, if one of them get to me I can stop the itch, and hence, the breaking of the blister, and it will heal relatively quickly (about a week or so). I was biten so badly once that my legs looked diseased.

They're almost in season in Florida, where I get bitten, so it's not a stretch that they would already be in season now where it's warmer

Oh, and those nastly little bugs bite you in stealth mode. You don't see them coming or feel the bite. You'll only know if you see a little blood on your skin and/or if you get that severe itch that won't go away.

Some people do not get that reaction, and some get a milder form. I guess I'm just lucky and get a bad reaction.
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