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Originally Posted by zzrayzz View Post
I think we stayed during the same time! ^ I mostly agree with you on everything, especially the bug bites! The bottom of my foot got bit and i am still scratching it and its still super itchy!!! The chairs definitely get taken but I am assuming you are referring to the pool area. For the beach area, it gets taken as well, but is easily resolved since you can get someone to set it up anywhere since the beach is so HUGE. Coffee shop is THE BEST!!!!! We never encountered any problems with the service. Everything was really fast. It seems like we had somehow always manage to beat the crowd when dining. We would get seated with no wait, then turn around and see a crowd of people waiting by the hostess.

When we left (just us 2), bellman got us a taxi instantly. Cheaper leaving the resort to airport (200 pesos) vs the 300 pesos for Zone 2 Authorized Taxi getting to resort.
any idea what kind of bugs these are? i'm mostly healed now but still have some small scars (hoping they'll go away in the next few weeks). it's been 2 weeks so it doesn't itch anymore but wow, it was pretty crazy.

i think i got bit at night during dinner when they had the buffets set up at the beach. i'm not sure why i got bit on my elbows because i never was lying down on the sand.

my kids did not get bit and they were walking around the sand during the day but did not walk in the sand at night (high chairs, etc.).

i don't think it was bed bugs because it's just on my ankles and elbows and my kid who slept in the same bed as me didn't get bit.


stupid me though as i had deet cream but didn't use it.
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