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I don't mention FlyerTalk because I don't want to talk to my seat mate at all.

I've found that people in First Class are more talkative than people in coach (the only disadvantage of being upgraded).

In my lifetime, I've taken far more coach flights than First, yet I've had two coach flights where the person next to me insisted on talking, compared to four First flights where my seatmate appeared to be writing my biography.

I don't want to be rude, so I don't resist the barrage of questions (luckily the talkative flights weren't long), but I really do want to sit there in silence and stare out the window or think about something (can't think and talk about different subjects at the same time).

Back to mentioning FlyerTalk -- goodness, why would I want more people to figure out how to earn miles more cheaply and upgrade more frequently? Award tickets and upgrades are zero-sum games. Every additional person that participates is one less available award ticket or seat into which I can upgrade. So, the more people in the dark, the better!

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