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Originally Posted by CIT85 View Post
I don't get why there are so many people who have problems with hotels charging extra for more than 1 person in the room, in this case 2. I have stayed at many SPG hotels with my wife and daughter over the years (my daughter grew from a toddler to over 13 in those years) and I have had to pay for extra person after my daughter turned 12 in a number of hotels, including ones where I was upgraded to suites. I don't like it, I just have to understand their rules and play accordingly.

If you feel so strongly against paying for extra person charges, then you're free to stay away from those hotels. As everyone on FT like to say, you can walk.
i feel strongly about hotels not making a distinction anywhere between baby/toddler/child and grown ups. making a reservation for 2 adults and two small kids is impossible on most sites therefore i have no way to find out what the rules (or real constraints) actually are.
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