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Originally Posted by Rock72 View Post
I just got back from a 1 week stay. This was the second time I stayed here (last year was the last week of Jan). Last year was a short 2 night stay and it rained. This week the weather was beautiful.

Our group had 2 rooms. My wife and I had a room in the club tower (19th floor) with a hot tub in the balcony. The others had a room in the other tower.

A few notes / observations:

1) The club tower is nice because the rooms are a little bigger (couch + sitting area) and there is a concierge and lounge with food and drinks on the ground floor. In reality, we never got food or drinks from the lounge and we didn't use the concierge (we did check out here though to save time).

2) We had a hot tub in the balcony but never used it. I always told myself that I'd try using it "later tonight" but never did.

3) There were some kind of bugs / mosquitos that bit my legs (ankles, feet, calves) as well as my arms (near elbows). I didn't get any bites anywhere else. Whatever bit me...it's really itchy.

4) The activities staff is cool. They are always trying to get people to play beach volleyball, ping pong tournament, water aerobics, etc. It's nice to participate a little bit because you then get to know them.

5) Nightly entertainment was mostly pretty good. The fire show was similar to the fire portion of the show at a luau in Hawaii. The water circus was good. The regular circus was also good (juggling, gymnastics, etc.). The star wars dance was interesting. The mime was a little boring but oh well. I don't remember them having nightly entertainment last year. Maybe I was just too busy to attend last year.

6) You need to get out early to reserve chairs. By around 9am, many chairs are taken. It is a bit annoying because many people show up really late or don't show up at all.

7) Drink service, etc. is all pretty prompt and good. Service was good all around. It does help if you tip them a little bit (otherwise they sometimes ignore you).

8) Restaurant service is very slow. You're on vacation so hopefully you're not pressed for time. It was common to sit in a restaurant and take 20 minutes to order, 20 min for food, etc. Meals typically took at least 1 hour but 2+ hour meals were not uncommon. Some guests were annoyed and would simply get up and leave and walk over to the buffet (or sneak food into the restaurant from the buffet or grill to eat while waiting).

9) One elevator was broken in the newer building. You had to use your hands to force open the door, etc. Later they just closed the elevator so it took forever to get an elevators sometimes.

10) Check in was nice as they give you a glass to drink and a nice cold towel. It was nice to see Beatris from last year (she's nice!)

11) Check in took about an hour or so. I guess we had a slightly complex reservation. Our group was 4 adults, 1 child (10) and 2 infants (2, 1). The website indicates that infants are free and we booked them when making reservations but sometimes they didn't show up in the reservation as a child. We made multiple reservations including:

1 - paid reservation for 6 nights / 7 days. straight up vanilla reservation made online. no problems with this one. 2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant.
3 reservations each were 2 nights free sign up offer using hyatt visa credit card

The 3 reservations were made back to back to equal 6 nights. However, these have to be made via phone only and they are made as 6 separate 1 night reservations back to back. Some said 2 adults / 1 kid and some said 2 adults / 2 kids. Phone lady said it didn't matter if the extra kids are infants but it turned out that it did matter. Luckily my other reservation was 2 kids (1 kid / 1 infant) so these reservations were fine since I only needed a spot for 1 kid.

The desk agent had a lot of problems figuring out how to do these free night reservations that are all back to back and organize them in a way so that we don't have to change rooms every day. It was a lot of him going back and forth and him getting confused and him creating a spreadsheet to organize (with many mistakes) and in the end, he finally got it. He did say that I had 2 other 1 night reservations in the middle that I should cancel but I didn't get to the bottom of that one since he gave me 2 rooms for the week which is all I wanted.

12) The coffee shop is nice and it's great that it's open 24/7.

13) Restaurants were all decent. Blaze was good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (but service is slow). Asian restaurant was more like South Asian but was good as well. Casa Grande is always good. The buffet is best for breakfast. Italian is good for lunch but pizza was broken one afternoon (and service is really slow).

14) We took a taxi into old town one afternoon to walk malecon and get some dinner. It's close to the hotel and the taxi is cheap (like 60 or 80 pesos).

15) Rodrigo is a nice bell hop but we asked for a van to take us (+ our friend's family) to the airport on check out day. I booked it with him the day before but on the day of, there was no van. He said that the van service failed him. We ended up taking 3 cabs when no van showed up after waiting around 20 minutes.

16) Beach vendors are all fine. They aren't pushy. I felt bad for one older guy that we bought some stuff from and offered him some water but he said no...seemed to indicate that it was against policy and that security would kick him out if he drank water from a guest.
I think we stayed during the same time! ^ I mostly agree with you on everything, especially the bug bites! The bottom of my foot got bit and i am still scratching it and its still super itchy!!! The chairs definitely get taken but I am assuming you are referring to the pool area. For the beach area, it gets taken as well, but is easily resolved since you can get someone to set it up anywhere since the beach is so HUGE. Coffee shop is THE BEST!!!!! We never encountered any problems with the service. Everything was really fast. It seems like we had somehow always manage to beat the crowd when dining. We would get seated with no wait, then turn around and see a crowd of people waiting by the hostess.

When we left (just us 2), bellman got us a taxi instantly. Cheaper leaving the resort to airport (200 pesos) vs the 300 pesos for Zone 2 Authorized Taxi getting to resort.
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