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Originally Posted by azepine00 View Post
You should understand as i bet you exceed speed limit occasionally and perhaps jaywalk too..

This is where we draw lines for ourselves and i see no problem about having two kids in a room with us. In years of travel with kids i have never had a property count them as 3/4 person in suites (or occasionally rooms) even though online reservation almost never allows it.

Ymmv but lets drop this holier than thou attitude - its not up to us to police this.
There is a definite difference between theft of service (no matter how small) and things like speeding or jaywalking. I don't think it's a moral imperative to not speed or jaywalk, but I do think that theft is wrong in every case. All I said before though is that I don't understand or agree with the philosophy you espoused. I believe in freedom of thought and expression though, so I'm not particularly opposed to other people expressing different philosophies. I will say that I would fully support a hotel if it leveled a substantial fine on you or anyone else caught intentionally violating the rate rules.

As an unrelated side note though, I actually don't speed or jaywalk, much to the annoyance of people that walk and ride with me. I've been intentionally avoiding both activities, plus any other short cuts like cutting lines for several years now. Every time I talk to people about things like this, they always say same thing: "There's no way you actually live like that in real life!" The people who know me well in real life know that I do, and I'm sure they think it's weird, but I don't really care. I live alone, and I travel all the time (almost exclusively alone), plus I don't even own a car (though I do rent them somewhat frequently). That said, I don't expect anyone else to follow my personal philosophy to the same degree I do. I only do it to prove to myself that I can. Every time I don't cut a corner that a normal, reasonable person would have cut, I spend the extra few minutes I cost myself doing a quick mental meditation exercise to reflect and center myself. I've found since I started doing this, I'm much happier and less stressed overall, but this isn't the correct place to discuss that, as it is not a lifestyle forum.
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