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Obeying Flight Attendent Request to stand during take off

I was comfortably sitting during Taxi for take of on QF8405 (emirates) last night. FA walking to her takeoff seat noted I had taken my shoes off. She told me shoes had to be on for take off and landing. I missed that in the briefing but now was not the time for argument. She said I had to put them on. They are mini hiking boots and I told her I would have to stand to put them on. She said yes I had to put them on. So there I was propping myself up trying to get a pair of hiking boots on when we swung around and went straight into the takeoff roll. It's quite some effort to get a pair of shoes on in this situation. I was in my seat well before rotation.

I spoke to the customer service manager afterwards. She said she would talk to the FA because there was no such rule. The issue was that my shoes were not secured and the FA could have just put them in the overhead.

Not to mention she could have just asked me to hold them.

So is there a point where obeying an FA is not a good idea?

I also asked why the seat belt sign had been on for 4 hours but they were still providing service and people getting up. She said she would find out. She came back and said it was fine to get around - they had just put it on because a lot of people in economy were getting up and about. NOt what I expect from a 1st world full service carrier.
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