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58. Only one airline offered a flight into Belfast, Northern Ireland aboard a 727-200. What airline was it?

This one has me musing. I know that JAT did summer holiday flights from there to Yugoslavia with them for many years, but these were not in the OAG, likewise Dan-Air's holiday flights on the type. I'll have a complete guess at Iberia, to Barcelona.
Given the OAG as our reference, we are indeed looking only for scheduled flights. Again, the flight in question was the only scheduled 727-200 into BFS. It was a short flight, too (1515 - 1630) with no change of time zone...
OK. Honour is at stake here. A flight of 75 minutes sounds like a UK domestic. The only UK airline with 727-200s then (and pretty much any time) was Dan-Air. And we all know Dan-Air only used them on holiday flights and charters.

Don't we ?

But then a 75 minute jet flight takes you from Belfast to London, not really anywhere else. Now the Heathrow flights were in the hands of BA (still) and British Midland, the latter having moved from Gatwick when allowed. So who had replaced that old British Midland Viscount service from Gatwick to Belfast ?


And what schedule time did they used to allow for the flight ?

75 minutes. That was of course with One-Elevens, and even BAe146s. In fact it seems they allowed everything 75 minutes. Which given their propensity to change aircraft types at will, was probably reasonable.

And who used to run holiday flights from Belfast to the Med ?


So if they were somehow ferrying the aircraft back and forth between their Gatwick base and BFS, they could use this service. And possibly even advertise the aircraft type. It would be good to know what days of the week it ran, and what the times were the other way.

But come on. If I say there was a Dan-Air scheduled 727-200 and it's wrong, I'll look foolish for ever after and have to resign from the thread.

But then again, look at all that "Danno" stuff up above. Was this some sort of cryptic clue ? OK then, go for it.

Dan-Air on a 727-200 from Belfast International to London Gatwick. Possibly DA222 or similar flight number.
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