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Originally Posted by Scottotoo View Post
I find the tipping system empowering. It's all too often that I'm in a country where tipping is not the custom and there's nothing I can do about poor service, aside from cause a big scene.
So what can you do if you're in a country where tipping is the norm and you receive poor service? Do you really think that anyone is going to notice or care that you tipped less?

Studies have shown that there is little, if any, correlation between service quality and tips. Things like the server's gender and ethnicity, the weather, and other random things are much better predictors of tips received.

Originally Posted by Scottotoo View Post
I also don't understand positions like the OP's. Why patronize restaurants that he knows follow a tipping system, and then refusing to do so? If he really hates the system of tipping and wants the owner to change it, why are you still giving the owner money?
In the US, there may not be too many other options. However, if the state allows tip credits and tips come short, the owner is required to make up the difference, which might in theory motivate him to change the system.
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