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Originally Posted by Clint Bint View Post
Bring me a menu,take my order,answer any questions I have in a polite manner,don't tell me your life story or what you think I ought to eat and then leave me alone.
I'm old enough to fill my own wine glass and if I want something I'll discreetly attract your attention.
It's amazing how many of these wait staff expecting large tips don't understand these basic rules.
As evidenced by others, plenty of people love the pageantry of being waited on by a subordinate (which will no doubt be denied, but I see no other way of describing the fake relationship between someone who is effectively asking for charity and the diner who is obliged by social contract to provide it).

If it's not something you like yourself, a simple "thank you but I'd like to be left alone" would do. You can hardly blame them - it's how they get a significant proportion of their wage.
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