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Love the concept

As it relates back to the person serving you and not the price of the food or beverages. We almost always tip 20% and sometimes it makes me mad that I'm tipping on the wine that is already marked up 50%. The price of the food and the price of the beverages doesn't have anything to do with the quality of service you receive. Food and beverages would be priced accordingly and the TIP (to ensure prompt service) should be based on the server.

The real question is, how much should you pay the server? If they're handling more than one table, they will/should receive money from every table. So maybe the minimum wage works as they'll receive it from all parties and thus make more than the minimum wage (on top of the minimum wage they are receiving from the restaurant).

It should also be paid in cash DIRECTLY to the server. Having $15-$50 in cash for this purpose is very doable for most everyone, I would assume.

That said, you should pay more/less based on your level and quality of service, but the base that you work from should be consistent.

Yea, you're not getting your air-miles when you pay cash and don't use your credit card, but it's going to a good cause!
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