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This new batch of questions focuses on schedules from the 1980s.

Over the course of our last batch of questions, the OTAQ&D thread had over 10000 hits. The interest is certainly out there. Thanks again to all of our core participants and welcome aboard to any and all who care to step in and attempt an answer or two.

While our core participants are all familiar with this by now, I would like to reiterate that we please limit our responses to no more than two or three questions at a time so that any and all – be they first time participants or regulars - might have an equal opportunity to participate.

BTW, though rare - mistakes occasionally happen. Please feel free to speak up. If, for example, I've said there are eight Canadian cities receiving nonstop flights from London and you think there are nine, I'm happy to check my schedules for you, up to and including transcribing or photographing those schedules. Keep in mind that I am limited to the schedules I have available. For example, an autumn schedule I'm referencing may not reflect a flight operated on a seasonal winter schedule.


46. You are enjoying the sand and surf in sunny Nassau when the boss calls and says he needs you to fly up to cloudy Akron, Ohio A.S.A.P. Turning to your trusty pocket flight guide, you’re surprised and delighted to discover that a single two stop direct flight is offered in this market. Identify the airline, the aircraft utilized and the two enroute stops you’ll make along the way

47. During the latter half of 1987 only one airline was operating scheduled nonstop flights between Canada and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Flights operated twice weekly from a single Canadian city, but with a different aircraft type each day. Identify the airline, the Canadian city it departed from and the two different aircraft types operated on the route.

48. Following yet another hectic commute into the city on the Long Island Expressway, you’re pleasantly surprised when you find a message on your answering machine from an old business associate asking if you can join her for a weekend of sunshine and golf at the exclusive Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. A quick call to your travel agent reveals a thrice weekly jet flight from JFK into the nearby airport at Greenbrier (LWB). Identify the airline and the aircraft used on this flight.

49. If you wanted to fly out of Bakersfield, California aboard a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-10, only one airline fits the bill with a single daily flight. Identify that airline and the city you’d be flying to.

51. Five airlines operate mainline jet service between Long Island’s MacArthur Airport (ISP) and the three Washington DC area airports. Three airlines serve Washington Dulles (IAD), one serves Washington National (DCA) and one serves Baltimore (BWI). Identify each airline and the airport it serves.

52. You’ve just won a porcupine grooming contest in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Awright!! Your prize: a pair of new gloves and a long weekend at the Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Unfortunately your prize doesn’t include airfare from your home in Alexandria, Virginia to Jamaica. Well, dang! Further complicating your travel plans is that your wife refuses to fly on Air Jamaica. It’s a long story… Imagine then your surprise and delight upon discovering an airline that flies nonstop between Washington Dulles and Montego Bay twice weekly on Thursdays and Sundays. The southbound flight on Thursday is operated in an all economy configuration while the northbound flight on Sunday uses a different aircraft type and offers both First Class and Coach. Identify the airline and the respective aircraft it employs on each flight.

54. At present the Seattle to Portland route is served by Alaska/Horizon, Delta and United. Turboprops handle 80% of the flights. Back in 1987 there were 13 airlines operating mainline jet equipment on this 129 mile route. How many of them can you identify?

55. Fresh off a snowy week of work in Edmonton, Alberta, you’ve been informed that your next assignment lies south of the border – two borders, in fact – way down yonder in sunny Monterrey, Mexico. Fully expecting a convoluted itinerary involving multiple connections, you’re flabbergasted when your travel department informs you that there’s a direct flight making three enroute stops from Edmonton all the way down to Monterrey. Additionally there’s a change of equipment at the first stop, from a smaller aircraft to a larger one. Identify the airline, the enroute stops and the two aircraft to be flown along the way.

56. For a time in 1987, this airline operated the only direct, one stop service between Palm Springs, CA and Vancouver, BC. Identify the airline, the aircraft and the enroute stop.
HINT: It wasn't Western but it was operated with a twinjet

57. In 1987 there were three cities in the state of Nevada that benefitted from scheduled jet flights. Identify the three cities and the single airline that served all three of them.
HINT: It wasn't United or Casino Express

58. Only one airline offered a flight into Belfast, Northern Ireland aboard a 727-200. What airline was it?

59. Back in 1969, Darwin, Australia was well served from Sydney with five nonstop flights per week, all of them operated with 707s from either BOAC or Qantas. In late 1987, passengers desiring to fly between SYD and DRW had a choice of two flights per week operated by a single airline. Identify the airline and the aircraft used.
HINT: It wasn't Qantas

60. When it comes to travel from England, Canada is well served with eight cities receiving nonstop flights from London. Identify each Canadian city and the airline(s) providing nonstop service to it from London.

62. The only nonstop service between Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and London Gatwick is via a single weekly 767 flight. Identify the airline.

63. Three airlines each operate a single daily flight between Boston and London. Each flight is operated with a different widebodied jetliner, each built by a different manufacturer. Identify each airline and the respective widebody it flew.

65. This airline operates more 727-200s into London Heathrow than any other.

66. Identify the four airlines that operated nonstop 747 flights between Miami and London

67. All but two of the multitude of flights being operated between New York JFK/EWR and London by nine different airlines are operated with 747s. Identify the other two aircraft types you’ll find on this route and which airline(s) operated them.

68. Baghdad was a veritable hotbed of activity for fans of Boeing 707s. Indelaware and I have found eight airlines that operated scheduled 707 flights into Baghdad as of late 1987. Can you identify them?
PARTIALLY ANSWEREDAll but two have been identified. Those airlines are not regional mid-eastern airlines. See post #8464

70. You’ve just spent a week in Hawaii. It’s been fun but, with a week left in your vacation you’d like to go somewhere a bit less touristy. But only a bit. How about Tahiti? Consulting your trusty OAG, you discover not one, not two but THREE airlines that offer nonstop service between Honolulu and Papeete. Identify each airline and the respective aircraft it operated on this route.

72. A thorough perusal of the OAG reveals nonstop service into Honolulu from fifteen different airports located on islands. Yes – this question has been asked before, but covering a different time period and, as the saying goes, times have changed. Can you identify the fifteen airports?
PARTIALLY ANSWEREDAll but one has been identified. See post #8463

73. Egyptair operated a one stop flight twice a week between Cairo and New York JFK. Where was the enroute stop made and what type of aircraft was used?

75. This airline operated an L-1011 every day except Tuesday and Thursday between Brussels and New York JFK. Which airline is it?

77. A planned ski vacation in the Catskills is rudely interrupted when you receive a call on Friday afternoon informing you that your services are required in Monrovia, Liberia. As soon as possible, please. Right. A quick call to your company travel department reveals a First Class seat is available aboard this airline’s once weekly nonstop service, departing JFK on Saturday afternoon. Identify the airline and the equipment used.

80. Three South American airlines fly DC-8-61/71s or DC-8-63/73s into Miami. Identify each airline and which South American airport each flies into Miami from.
PARTIALLY ANSWERED AeroPeru and Surinam Airways have been identified. We need just one more.

81. If you were to fly into Orlando on a DC-8-61/63 operated by a foreign carrier, which airline would you be flying on and from which foreign airport would your flight have originated?

82. Per the 1987 schedule I reference for these questions, one airline operated three different types of widebody jets - each built by a different manufacturer - into Montego Bay, Jamaica. Identify that airline and the three types it operated into MBJ.

88. (1983) You are in Fairbanks, Alaska and need to fly across the border to Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Four years earlier, yours truly flew this route aboard a Wien 737-200. How times have changed! These days a different airline offers a single daily nonstop between FAI and YXY. Identify the airline and the aircraft used.

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