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Originally Posted by Edgerfly View Post
How does the QF lounge compare to their F lounge in LAX, if anyone has been to both just out of curiosity?

How does the QF HKG lounge compare to the EK HKG one? Advantage over the other at HKG?
I'm afraid I haven't been to the QF lounge at LAX so can't comment on that one.

In terms of QF at HKG, it's just right after the J/K row security/immigration area on 7/F so exceptionally convenient whatever your gate it. It's probably about 5 times the size of the EK lounge and I think it's the superior lounge in terms of hard product (recent refurbishment): the EK lounge at HKG is still on the old style EK lounge concept, but even with the new concept, I prefer the QF one.

At the time I went (was on EK385 to BKK), it was pretty empty; beverage offerings superior at the QF lounge with the manned bar, and I think the food offerings are better at the QF lounge *but* there's not much in it, imho.

Both lounges are perfectly serviceable though, but the EK one is a typical EK outstation lounge, but the QF one is, imho, a step above the average QF outstation facility.
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