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Originally Posted by runb4fun
Can you please think a little bit before you throw some numbers?

Why on earth would I do calculations for 10199 when I can do it for 10k?
Hint #1: One of them requires calculator while the other requires mere second of thoughts.
Hint #2: Assume 10k is your rent after radpad fee.

I already ran the numbers. I posted it here (or at reddit) at certain point. The profit, as I stated in previous page, comes out to be 242 after all fees are subtracted.
I did think. I provided all of my starting points and processes.

Why would you be more accurate when you can be less accurate? That's basically exactly what you said when you asked why you should use $10 000 or $10 199. The answer is because one is more accurate! Who cares if you have to use a calculator or not? One is more accurate than the other. If all you want to do is avoid using a calculator, we might as well tell everyone to use 3 as the value of pi.

And your hint #2 is actually worse. Your own argument goes against you. If $10 000 is the amount after the fee, you would have to make calculations using the amount in principal, $9804.88. You made the math worse your way.

It's not posted within this thread that the card earns 3 X at Rad Pad. I specifically had looked through the thread before my first post here. Within all the time this thread has existed, we were the first ones to start talking about Rad Pad.

As I said, I'm completely willing to accept being wrong given that there's evidence that it earns 3 X with Rad Pad. However, that evidence was never presented here, and I had to search to find anything about it. So it's not like it's reasonable to expect people to know everything you've said in a completely different site.
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