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Originally Posted by joejones View Post
I haven't seen any sources that say the nighttime slots will become daytime slots, just that the four nighttime slots will be replaced by five daytime slots and one nighttime slot. I believe that the allocation is up to the US DOT and the Japanese MLIT on each side.

There is already a report in the Nikkei that ANA will get a total of four slots and JAL will get only two. If that's true, I wonder whether DOT would address the imbalance between the two transpacific JVs by giving an additional slot to AA.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Tourism, the four current slots will automatically become daytime slots. However, each airline will have to work out the individual timings of the slots. Well, at least according to the English translation of the page. If the report in the Nikkei is true, AA would be a favourite to receive one of the extra slots. However, I wonder what their reaction would be if they received that odd nighttime slot. Try to move daytime LAX-HND to DFW/ORD/JFK? Obviously DL is the biggest loser in all of this and with all of their moaning could result in them not receiving another slot. You'd think they'd be the favourite to receive another slot due to no JV with ANA/JAL. But what they've done with HND operations since the slots opened up five years ago is a total disaster and their attitude with this whole thing has delayed the start up of daytime flights. With their complaining, DOT could very well to tell them to drop dead and put up with operating just LAX-HND daytime or else.
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