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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
72. A thorough perusal of the OAG reveals nonstop service into Honolulu from fifteen different airports located on islands. Yes – this question has been asked before, but covering a different time period and, as the saying goes, times have changed. Can you identify the fifteen airports?[.b]

jrl767 got off to a fine start, initially identifying eight of the island airports:

Narita (NRT)
Vancouver (YVR)
Guam (GUM)
Johnston Atoll (JON)
Auckland NZ (AKL)
Kiritimati (aka Christmas Island) (CXI)
Nadi Fiji (NAN)
Papeete Tahiti (PPT)

I responded: "You're off to a good start though and if you'll allow me to put out yet another hurdle for you to jump over, how about having a go at the other seven airports not listed?"

To which j patiently responded:

Oooooookay, figured that was too easy ...

I can think of five candidates right off the bat.

1.Hong Kong (HKG)
2.Manila (MNL)
3.Osaka (OSA)
4.Pago Pago (PPG)
5.Taipei (TPE)

plus another that makes sense, but I'm less certain of

6.Nagoya (NGO)

and finally a little up-thread research leads me to add

7.Port Moresby (POM)

Out of this group I would say that all but Hong Kong and Port Moresby are correct. Hong Kong?! I know, I know... and when I researched this I googled information on the old Hong Kong Airport at Kai Tak (Remember, we're going back to 1987) and looked at the maps. From what I could tell, much of the airport was built on reclaimed land from Kowloon Bay but I could find no references to it being on an island nor any maps to support that.

So - unless anyone would would like to submit information to the contrary, I'm going to have to put the kibosh on HKG. Port Moresby, too. I'm almost certain Air Niugini did serve POM-HNL nonstop - just not per the schedule I referenced for this question.

So then - well done so far, Mr. 767. Thirteen down and two to go - one of which is on the Air Mike network. The other was served by a DC-8...
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