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2016 - Chase Updates?

I have some questions about an Experian freeze:
1. Does anyone have recent updates on how Chase handles frozen Experian? Will the automated system always go to pending, and will reconsideration manually pull TU or EQ? Or will Chase reconsideration insist on Experian?
2. If asked, what reason should you give the reconsideration agent as to why your Experian report is frozen?
3. Is the process instant to both freeze and unfreeze the Experian report?

I live in MA and nearly all issuers pull Experian nearly 100% of the time including Amex, Citi, BOFA, Capital One (plus HP's from other bureaus), and Chase. Only discover pulled EQ and TU, maybe a hard pull with one and soft pull or score from the other.

Also recently I got shot down with multiple reconsideration calls to Citi for the prestige card due to too many Ex inquiries. In doing some research it seems like 6 inquiries in 6 months seems to be the trigger point.
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