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Per the 1987 OAG I reference I recall the schedules still showing Pan Am still operating 72S aircraft into Berlin. Dan Air operated HS-748s and Air France served the airport with - amongst other aircraft - an A310 drum I believe DUS. This is one response I'd like to provide a little further information on when I get home later this week.
I believe Pan Am at Berlin had a mix of 727 and 737 in 1987. A couple of years earlier I was on holiday at Palma, Majorca, and recall two Pan Am 737s coming in on holiday charters from Berlin, as they did to other Mediterranean summer points (and ski resorts in Austria etc in winter), an aspect of Pan Am's operations I think few in the US were aware of.

Dan-Air were actually quite prominent in Berlin, they long had a base there since the 1960s (with Comets) and were the No 1 holiday charter operator to the Mediterranean, with 727s, One-Elevens, and ... well, all sorts of other odd types as well - this is, after all, Dan-Air we are talking about ! They also did multiple flights a week to London Gatwick which started as charters and gradually progressed, with increasing frequency, into a scheduled operation. These flights were used to exchange their Berlin aircraft with their main base at Gatwick.

Just after 1987 the number of flights from West Berlin really expanded, in the few remaining years before unification. Pan Am got their commuter affiliate Ransome Airlines to base ATR42s at Berlin Tegel for some lesser routes. An operation called Euroberlin France started which was 49% Lufthansa 51% Air France, to get around the restriction on German airlines operating from West Berlin, but their 737s were all hired from Monarch Airlines of London Luton, yet another holiday flight operator from Berlin, who expanded considerably to supply the service. Meanwhile TWA were a late entrant onto the routes, they sent several 727s over to Berlin to have a go at the German domestic routes from there. This operation only lasted a couple of years.

S2A mentioned above Berlin Regional UK as a commuter operator, this had been started with BAe Jetstreams by the former chief pilot of the British Airways Berlin operation, Dick Twomey, when he retired from the airline. It grew to the extent of having a 737 for a year right at the point of reunification, but then sold out to holiday flight airline Germania, who were glad to pay to absorb a ready-to-run Berlin base as soon as permitted.

Before 1991 the well-known restriction that only operators from onetime-Allied countries could operate from Berlin meant, among other things, that while airline bases there could recruit flight attendants who were German, pilots had to be rigidly from the four former Allied countries only. Over the border in East Berlin, they got round this by having Schonefeld airport fractionally outside the city border, in the GDR proper. A couple of western airlines, KLM was one, actually operated to Berlin using Schonefeld. There was a special bus operated by the Eastern authorities which started from a little terminal by the Zoo station in West Berlin, and drove through its own special gate in The Wall into East Berlin, across to Schonefeld, and right inside the secure area of the terminal there. I used to see it when visiting Berlin in the 1980s, a Hungarian-built Ikarus luxury coach, completely unbranded, immaculately polished, a well-dressed Stasi agent just inside the door, and with maybe a couple of passengers on board, if that.
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