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Originally Posted by londonba2014 View Post
I'll be flying with Emirates in Economy for the first time and am very much looking forward to it.

I was wondering if they offered any amenities on their day time flights and if they still offered menus in Economy.

Also are their crew usually really approachable to have a chat with during the flight?

Many Thanks,

What kind of amenities are you looking for? Crew have a stock of them in the galleys (some newbie crews don't know this, as evidenced on my last sector!) - earplugs, eyeshades, toothbrushes etc. Hand lotion in the lavatories

Yes - EK give out paper menus in economy, although you can check online before the flight.

During service they will be busy. If the flight is long enough, yes, the crew are definitely approachable to chat! The galleys are not sacred areas jealously guarded like on some airlines - not for nothing is the rear galley on the 77W called the gossip galley
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