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Originally Posted by zitsky View Post
People may not think clothing matters but I bet they agree on standards when the person next to them smells like a pile of garbage or like a perfume bottle. What happens to personal choice then?
These days, I think it's more important to avoid offending another's olfactory senses than what we wear.

Admittedly, once upon a time, I probably felt it was more appropriate to adhere to more formal dressing, but not anymore. Now, I think it's fine to wear whatever is comfortable, though I prefer people to refrain from going barefoot.

It's a personal choice, I think. I just feel more comfortable in sports coat & slacks, never wearing a cap/hat in a restaurant, and in a suit & tie when traveling for business.

Equally, I'm perfectly comfortable with whatever others choose to wear around me (so long as they have shoes of some kind!).
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