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Originally Posted by thijsseh View Post
Indeed, the J product (especially on the 777's) is way behind (2-3-2 configuration anyone?). It would make sense to renew that first. Although the EY F product is superior to EK, 'over the top' comes to mind (it all depends on where you come from of course...)
EY F and J product might be great, but keep in mind not all of their aircraft are even EY aircraft. So they offer a great product on a part of their fleet. For people like me, flying on non-A380 routes, chances of actually seeing a real Etihad premium product are slim. So one must consider Emirates always-average J/F (not that F is average though IMHO) vs Etihad occasionally awesome J/F.

My two cents, purely speculative based on my opinion of Emirates' corporate personality, is that there'll be a big overhaul in about 12-18 months of both J and F. The issue is that they need to face significantly decreased loads in J/F if they want to remain competitive by switching to a 1-2-1 in J and 1-1 or similar in F. Once they get over the denial phase of having to make that decision they'll quickly get to the ego-boost decision that "We are EK, the world's best airline, we need the best product" and they'll go even more overboard on the gold trim than they have before.

In the end, cabin designs are cyclical. EK was the best 5 years ago, EY and QR saw it, improved it, now it's time for EK to strike back.
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