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Picked up on 2/2, a Tuesday night a few hours after a big winter storm ended. EA and EE were both 100% cars - not a single van or SUV of any size. I went inside to ask about changing to an SUV and was told my only option was a Sante Fe that would be nearly $1,000 for a Tuesday night through Sunday morning rental.

When I dropped off on Sunday morning EA and EE had the normal variety with a lot of AWD vehicles. This is the second time I've run into this at DEN and the lesson is if there was a winter storm close to your pickup, or one predicted soon after, the selection is going to be 100% 2 wheel drive cars.

I generally love National but the DEN location leaves a whole lot to be desired - AVIS is the way to go at DEN if you're visiting in the winter and want an SUV or AWD car.
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