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Originally Posted by Cofyknsult View Post
Oh, I would. Especially given that the CX product in J has declined dramatically and that the AA product on the 77W is finally almost (*) on par with many Asian airlines.

(*) 5 things are still missing, though:

- Decent food for the main meals (but the galley munchies are good)
- Wines above canteen plonks (I would not hire that Ken Chase...)
- The FAs' attitude and availability
- The FAs' attitude and availability
- The FAs' attitude and availability

Have I forgotten something ? Oh yes:

- The FA's attitude and availability
Yes, the food has suffered greatly in CX J. But it's still at least as equal to AA's offering, IMO. And I had a fantastic crew on my AA LAX-SYD flight.

So with food and seat a wash (in my book), what it comes down to is:

AA advantages: Paid wifi, air vents
CX advantages: Save 8-9 hours in travel time, more consistent service

Sorry, I just don't see how flying YVR-DFW-HKG is better in this situation.
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