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By now it’s a well-known fact that quite a few people follow but don’t necessarily participate in the OTAQ&D. As of thirty seconds ago when I last checked, we had 454,815 456,399 456,890 457,716 - many many many times more than any other thread in the Travel Buzz forum. It’s always a good day when someone new decides to take the plunge and have a go at our quiz with an answer or two. Welcome aboard! You'll note I've left the old amounts in using smaller colored print. Since I first posted these questions on January 29th, the OTAQ&D has had over 2100 views. Check back here for updates on the total views - I'll continue to post them as long as questions remain unanswered.


1. It’s late 1970 and 747s had been in service for less than a year. Following a thorough perusal of the relevant OAG, I have identified a total of four domestic coast to coast routes being flown at the time. Identify each of these routes and the airline(s) flying it.

2. If you lived in Dallas and wanted to fly aboard the new 747, you’d have a choice of two destinations and two airlines. Identify the destinations and the airlines offering the service to each.

3. Identify the two shortest 747 routes being operated domestically in late 1970

4. Northwest Airlines operated a total of four daily flights into Anchorage from three different airports in the Continental U.S. Identify each airport and the aircraft type being used on each route.

5. United Airlines offered nonstop flights to Honolulu from seven different mainland airports. Identify each airport.

6. As of late 1970, there were three states that had jet service from only one airline. Identify each state and the airline that provided service to that state.

7. A thorough perusal of the schedule available to me has revealed four states that have no flights operated with 727s. Thinking about 727 operators of that time – and the cities they served - can you identify each of these four states?

8. A further perusal of the schedule available to me has revealed four states that have no flights operated with DC-9s of any model. Thinking about DC-9 operators of that time – and the cities they served - can you identify each of these four states?

9. A total of five airlines offered nonstop flights between Jamaica and Miami – two from Kingston and three from Montego Bay. No single airline served both KIN and MBJ nonstop from Miami. Identify the airlines providing nonstop service in each market.

10. Identify three states that had a total of 10 or less jet flights operated into or out of the state each day. PARTIALLY ANSWERED See Post 8239

11. I’ve found ten states that as of late 1970 had no flights operated with four engine jets (707, 720, DC-8, 880, 990) anywhere statewide. Can you identify them? A N S W E R E D

12. This flight originates in Europe and, after stopping in Montreal, continues on to Guatemala City with one intermediate stop. Identify the airline, the intermediate stop and the aircraft used on this flight.

13. Every Monday evening at 8:45pm, a UTA DC-8 departs Los Angeles headed for Honolulu and beyond. Its ultimate destination is Paris LeBourget Airport and along the way nine enroute stops are made, all under the same flight number. We know then that Honolulu is the first stop. Can you identify the other eight? A N S W E R E D

14. Every morning at 8:50am, an Air West DC-9-30 would depart Phoenix bound for Yuma, Arizona. Beyond Yuma a further eight stops were made before the flight finally terminated at Seattle’s Boeing Field at 5:05pm. Can you identify the eight enroute stops? A N S W E R E D

15. Continental was operating nonstop flights from Los Angeles to five different Texas airports. Identify each airport and the one served by a single DC-9 flight each day.

16. Only one state east of the Mississippi River has four cities that are served by nonstop flights from Los Angeles. Identify the state and each of the four cities served by these nonstops. Feel free to identify the airlines involved as well if you like. A N S W E R E D

17. Each afternoon this airline’s jet would depart Chicago’s Midway Airport bound for Billings, Montana and beyond. Two stops were made enroute to Billings from Chicago. Identify the airline, the enroute stops and the aircraft used for this flight.

18. Air France jets flew nonstop from New York’s JFK to six airports outside U.S. borders. Identify each of these airports.

19. The 720 mile nonstop distance between Chicago and New York does not lend itself well to multi-stop jet flights. As you scan down the 80-90 some-odd flights serving this route that are listed in the OAG, you see mostly nonstops and only a sprinkling of one and two stop flights. Suddenly, there it is… A harp glissando and a chorus from the heavens ring out as you ogle wide eyed at a listing that not only features four stops but will also be offering a dinner along the way between O’Hare and LaGuardia. Book it, Danno! Identify the airline, the four enroute stops and the aircraft used.

20. Fans of milk-runs would be surprised if not thrilled to find a two stop flight operating between Washington National (DCA) and New York JFK. It’s the only two-stop flight in the listings and it’s operated with a jet that’s even longer than a 707. Now then, where on earth would such a flight stop? What airline operates it and what kind of jet is utilized?

21. Of the fifteen New York state airports that Mohawk Airlines serves with direct or nonstop flights from the three New York City area airports, only seven are served nonstop with the airline’s BAC-111 jets. Identify each of those cities. A N S W E R E D

22. Woo Hoo! After working for six years at a big New York City firm, you’ve finally been chosen to attend a Real Estate Law seminar in Beaumont/Pt. Arthur, Texas. A call to your agent at Liberty Travel reveals that one airline offers a single direct flight departing JFK each morning and making two stops along the way. Breakfast and a snack will be served. Identify the airline, the equipment and the two enroute stops. A N S W E R E D

23. Boeing’s new 747 has been in service for less than a year. As we enter the high season for Caribbean tourism, there are three destinations that are scheduled to receive nonstop 747 service from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Identify each of these destinations and the airline that will be serving them with the 747.

24. In 1970 five airlines were operating jets on the short leg between Cleveland and Detroit. Identify each of the five airlines as well as the respective equipment they were operating on this route.

25. This state has nonstop jet flights from more airports to New York City area airports than any other state.


26. What was the first airline to operate the Boeing 767 in Europe? A N S W E R E D

27. What airline and airplane were featured in the 1990 movie Die Hard 2?

28. American Airlines’ new livery features a stylized U.S. flag on the tail. Can you name four other U.S. airlines that also have or had stylized U.S. flags on their tails? A N S W E R E D

29. 56 Boeing 377 Stratocruisers were built for 5 airlines. What was different about the aircraft built for Northwest and United Airlines?

30. All of the airlines in the two groups listed below operated widebodied jets. What’s the difference between the airlines in group one as opposed to the airlines in group two?
Group 1: American, Continental, Eastern, United, TWA
Group 2: Delta, National, Northwest, Pan Am, Western

31. What was the only U.S. airline to operate its mainline jet equipment into each of the 50 U.S. states? Additionally, what did that airline do to promote this? A N S W E R E D

32. The Wright Amendment limited flights from Dallas’ Love Field to airports within Texas or to four neighboring U.S. states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Flights beyond these four states were allowed only on aircraft configured with 56 seats or less. What was the largest airliner ever to operate out of Love Field and where did it fly to?

33. I was in a thrift shop the other day and I came across a DVD of this old 1970s era action flick - Whiteline Fever - starring Jan-Michael Vincent and Kay Lenz. The price was right – only $2.00 – and as an added bonus, Slim Pickens was in it. Well that settled it then! Never one to fritter away my life watching Merchant Ivory films in perpetuity, I bought the DVD and tossed it on my stack of movies to watch someday. That day came a couple nights ago. Imagine then my surprise and delight as in the opening scenes the camera panned across an airport tarmac showing a distinctive control tower with the airport’s location emblazoned down its side in large letters. As the scene unfolded further, a beautiful four engine jetliner approached from afar. The camera caught it nicely as it glided over the threshold, landed and then taxied up to the non-jetway equipped gate. Any of y’all seen this movie? Any thoughts on the airport and the airplane featured?
HINT: I consider the tower with the city's name emblazoned down the side to be a big hint. These letters were not painted but rather were lights. When turned on at night, they were pale blue. This airport also had one international flight per day at the time...

34. In 1947, this airline introduced once weekly super deluxe flights across the Atlantic. The aircraft was outfitted in a “Deluxe all-sleeper” configuration limited to just 18 passengers. Identify the airline, the single route flown and the aircraft utilized. A N S W E R E D

35. Aboard what airline’s airplane would you find the “Kabuki Room” on?

36. You are seated in the “Garden of Wisteria”. Name the airline and airplane you are flying upon.

37. Amongst the signature cocktails offered aboard select flights on this U.S. airline were “The Gusher”, “Liquid Gold” or “The Derrick”. Identify the airline.

38. What kind of airplane would you be flying upon if you were to visit the “Hawaiian Lounge” inflight?

39. On what airline’s airliner could you deposit a quarter and play the electronic TV game “Pong”?

40. What kind of airplane would you be flying upon if you were to visit the “Fujiyama Room” for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres?

41. What was the first of the original 13 U.S. local service airlines to fly 727s? A N S W E R E D

42. In early 1968, this airline installed new $33,000.00 broiler ovens and began serving steak to both First and Economy Class passengers on all of its lunch and dinner flights out of Montreal.

43. Jumping to the present for you old timers, what are the longest and shortest distance flights currently being operated by Southwest Airlines? A N S W E R E D

44. Over the years, Air Wisconsin operated a variety of aircraft. All of them were acquired second hand with the exception of one type, purchased new from the manufacturer. What type of aircraft was it? A N S W E R E D

45. With the retirement of a particular aircraft type, this airline became the world’s first all 747 operator back in the late 1970s. Can you identify the airline and the aircraft type it retired to become an all-747 operator? A N S W E R E D

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