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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
Lots of people have positive experiences checking bags with oneworld carriers through LHR. And a number of people have had multi-day delays recovering their bags when LHR is plagued with OSO in particular.

The likelihood is the will be no problem, but that's far from 100% certainty.

With seven hours you could choose to check through and transfer using Flight Connections, or check baggage to LHR, recover baggage and go landside, trek to Terminal 3 and re-check, pass through security, etc.

It's entirely your choice. If I was doing this I'd check my baggage through. If my baggage is delayed getting home, it's not a major inconvenience for me. Doing the landside baggage dance at LHR is a PITA.
My original plan was to carry the bag on to LHR and then carry it from T5 to T3 landside and check it with AA. Then I realized that this would consume time that I need for my mission during the connection.

I'm trying to escape LHR quickly at 10AM but the bag is an issue unless I check it through. Checking bags violates my MO.....
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