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Originally Posted by Tryingtotravel
You can click on the points summary and then divide by 3 so that helps although you still have to add things up.

I'm interested in figuring out why ebay and paypal sometimes codes 3x and sometimes not. I had 3 transactions on ebay all coded to paypal. One posted as 3x. I'm hesitant to use the card if I can't get them to consistently post 3x as I'd rather put the spend on a card with purchase protection if I'm only getting 1x.

stvr and IkeEsq (posts 663 and 664) had a short conversation about this issue, but I don't think it gets to the heart of the matter. stvr seems to suggest you can call and get 3x for ebay transactions...?

Anyone have more info on the ebay / paypal question?

Did you call and were successful in getting the other ebay charges to post as 3x? Thanks for the data point!

I can't edit wiki but posted as 3x (government but ends with .com so maybe that's why it went through?)
Here's the deal on eBay. DoC made a post about this:

Testing Out My Shiny New AT&T Credit Card:

Transactions must post as an online transaction to get the 3%. Some eBay and PayPal purchases are not posting as online transactions specifically.
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