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When I was a teenager I went to National Jamboree in Washington DC for Boy Scouts. On my flight home, I had a window seat, and when I board there is someone in my seat. Her traveling companion is in the aisle, and they look at me...in my full Boy Scout uniform....and ask if I really wanted the window or if I'd take the middle.

Being in full uniform, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your POV, tempered the teenage desire to say something snarky, and I dutifuly took the middle seat, only to have them speak directly across me in Spanish until the fasten seat belt sign turned off and I was mercifully able to move to another empty middle seat with a couple of other people who were on the trip with me.

This is one of those scenarios I still replay in my head about what I should have said!
When you are young, you get abused on seat swaps. Just because you are young. When I traveled as a teen, and even in my early 20's, I would not get requests to swap..I would get demands. Once it was even the FA who ordered me out. I wish I knew that I could stand up to them like I do now.

My wife, also an FF was once on a flight in an aisle seat. There was a teenage girl in the neighboring aisle seat and some older man told her that she would "have" to move so he could sit with his wife and son (son was an adult). The girl clearly didn't want to and seemed reluctant, so my wife leaned over and told her that no, she doesn't "have" to move if she doesn't want to. The girl stuck to her guns, I like to think because of the confidence Mrs.Diarrhea encouraged. The FA made the guy take his assigned seat.
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