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Originally Posted by bubbashow View Post
Heaven's! What would have years ago when none of it existed? I went to Hawaii every year as a kid. We had screens at the front of the cabin on some of the flights....books on the rest. (I even remember Pacific East Airlines DC8-63 playing BINGO with numbers announced over the PA). We enjoyed the flights just fine. I know I sound like some old "get off my lawn" ba$*#$d, but come on,'s only 5-6 hours.

Edited to add this December: DTW-SEA - "Elf" on the overhead monitor, SEA-HNL connection "Elf" on the overhead monitor, HNL-SEA - "Elf" on the overhead monitor. A few cocktails added each flight, it was funny each time.
Bingo over the PA? Interesting. I dare you to go over to the AA forum and mention that in "Lack of Cockpit Announcements" thread.
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