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Originally Posted by kop84 View Post
When I was a teenager I went to National Jamboree in Washington DC for Boy Scouts. On my flight home, I had a window seat, and when I board there is someone in my seat. Her traveling companion is in the aisle, and they look at me...in my full Boy Scout uniform....and ask if I really wanted the window or if I'd take the middle.

Being in full uniform, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your POV, tempered the teenage desire to say something snarky, and I dutifuly took the middle seat, only to have them speak directly across me in Spanish until the fasten seat belt sign turned off and I was mercifully able to move to another empty middle seat with a couple of other people who were on the trip with me.

This is one of those scenarios I still replay in my head about what I should have said!
Well, at least you held up your end of the Boy Scout slogan and did your good turn for the day. Me, I would have said "no thanks" and found something else to do as my good turn for the day.
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