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Originally Posted by 141park
Just a matter of figuring what adds up, unfortunately!
You can click on the points summary and then divide by 3 so that helps although you still have to add things up.

I'm interested in figuring out why ebay and paypal sometimes codes 3x and sometimes not. I had 3 transactions on ebay all coded to paypal. One posted as 3x. I'm hesitant to use the card if I can't get them to consistently post 3x as I'd rather put the spend on a card with purchase protection if I'm only getting 1x.

stvr and IkeEsq (posts 663 and 664) had a short conversation about this issue, but I don't think it gets to the heart of the matter. stvr seems to suggest you can call and get 3x for ebay transactions...?

Anyone have more info on the ebay / paypal question?

Originally Posted by stvr
None of my PayPal eBay transactions went through for 3x. I don't see this card lasting in current form. I have to call every time to get manual 3x. eBay is for sure an internet retailer.

"Retail websites are websites that sell goods directly to the consumer through an online website and include department store websites, specialty store websites, warehouse store websites and boutique websites. Travel websites are websites that allow you to book travel and include online travel agencies, hotel websites and airline websites."

Did you call and were successful in getting the other ebay charges to post as 3x? Thanks for the data point!

I can't edit wiki but posted as 3x (government but ends with .com so maybe that's why it went through?)

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