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Originally Posted by illinifan4249 View Post
2 Questions about stickers as a gold.

1) One is there anyway to make it so that if I have a companion that we will only upgrade if 2 seats are available next to each other? Both times we put in for upgrades we got upgraded but were separated so had to do some wrangling to get next to each other.

2) Does it ever make sense to do a sort of sticker run to earn some? If I can find the rest of the miles that I need for 10000 miles before March 1, and it costs less than $160 ai would it then be a worthwhile investment?

1. You could gamble and wait until just before check in to request. Then you can see what seating looks like in first.

2. Are you going to use them/were you going to buy them/are you going to requalify?

I fly sub 500 mile flight almost exclusively. I've got stickers that I don't know what to do with. I also am not exclusively booking AA anymore, so that lowers the options and I am not going to requalify.
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