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Originally Posted by Renes Points View Post
Who runs out of DeIce fluid, in FAR, in January?
There could be dozens of reasons, ranging from simple user error while placing the order for fluid to an IT glitch on the side of either the private contractor or the company suppling the fluid to an accident involving the truck that was supposed to bring the fluid to the airport. None of the news stories I can find actually bothered to research why they ran out of fluid, because they realized (correctly) that people wouldn't care enough to warrant further investigation, but I'm sure there was an internal investigation.

Also, none of the articles contain any kind of indication that there is a cover-up or other shenanigans going on to justify your use of quotes in your original comment. I still don't understand what you think actually happened, if you doubt the explanation that they ran out of DeIce. Do you think DL deliberately canceled flights so football fans couldn't go to a game and then blamed it on a lack of DeIce fluid?
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