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Originally Posted by SingaporeJoe View Post
Update: still no proper reply from EK despite reminders sent by email. Is there really nothing one can do but keep sending emails and not get a response?

And the stingy f****rs only credited me miles DXB-SIN for the flight (as the SIN-MEL was with SQ), not DXB-MEL.

Edit: Just while writing this I got another standard "Please rest assured that the points raised are receiving our full attention and we hope to be in a position to write to you shortly." The full attention doesn't seem to amount to very much. They really know how to be annoying with all the slowness and vague cookie cutter wordings!
Will take around 3-4 weeks, but say 5 because of them doing no work around the New Year.

Push hard for tier miles to be manually credited for SIN-MEL because of the involuntary reroute.
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