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Originally Posted by gan911 View Post
Just fyi, every kate ive chcked in dfw is down for the last few days... Idk whats going on
I guess that would explain why the 1 "golden" kate here has been absolutely flooded with MS noobs the past several weeks (months, maybe.)

I drove by, parked in a spot where I can see the kate inside the front doors from the lot, and waited in my warm car as some fella swiped and swiped. Then he paused, looked confused, and the big light on top began to flash red. He took a step back, looked both ways, then walked as absolutely fast as a man can walk without breaking into a run out the door and to his car.

I began my 10 minutes wait, hoping some associate would reset it before I needed to ask. In that 10 minutes, I watched 8 other people walk up to kate, seems confused, look up at the flashing light, then walk away. Some with an obvious stack of cards in hand. Some still in the packaging.

I've been at this awhile, but things like this still make me wary. I'd hate to be $10k deep when all (easy) avenues are suddenly shut-off (and they soon will be, I fear.)
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