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Originally Posted by nistah View Post
I heard a rumor that Gift Cards with $0.50 or $0.00 remaining balance can be used on parking meters above the available balance, I have not tried this myself

Curious is anyone has any info on this ???
Parking meters are like restaurants and hotels, in that the machine doesn't know what the total will be until long after you swipe. Most such businesses will put a hold on your card for the expected amount, but I imagine that some parking meteres might not, since the amount is so small. Nevertheless, I would consider this to be unethical if you do it intentionally.

Originally Posted by Car Jack View Post

People buy empty cards in bulk. I don't know why. I figure I'd rather have someone pay for trash then just throw it away.
There is most likely some sinister activity going on here. Perhaps credit card thieves are using them as blanks to encode the data from stolen cards.

Back on the topic of this thread, I recycle mine in the gift card recycling bin at Best Buy. MS is not great for the environment, so why not offset it. I'm not too concerned about someone looking up the card's history, because I don't register the cards so there wouldn't be any personal information available.
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