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Originally Posted by FlyIgglesFly View Post
Similar situation here, but no 500 miles upgrades on future reservations, just 12 in the bank and no domestic reservation to which to apply them. I have enough international travel to requalify by May, but what happens to the 12 I have banked?
You hold on to any 500mi stickers you have (no expiration) and could use them in the future if you regain status.

Originally Posted by wetrat0 View Post
My advice is don't do anything. With the caveat that it has been a couple of years since I have experienced this firsthand, status on American "sticks" to your reservation. When I briefly moved to Delta a few years ago, I lost status on American, but I still got "Gold" printed on my boarding passes for reservations that I made while I had Gold status (and I got upgraded).
Very interesting. Has anyone else experienced/can others confirm this "stickiness"?
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