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Originally Posted by PenneyPincher View Post
1)Buy cards, place receipt in envelope in sun visor in car.
2)On the way to unload, have my kids shuck the cards and file them in wallet for unloading. (any old cards in that wallet left over from a previous day have a mark on them so they are identifiable as NOT being today's cards.)
3)Unload cards, wrap each card in the unload receipt as it is unloaded, or match to each card as soon as you get back to the car, and place those in an envelope with the receipt.
4)Input each card into financial software that maps out the card's rout from purchase to the grave, staple card with unload receipt to purchase receipt and file it in a cigarette tube box (they fit perfectly!)
5)Each box is marked with start date and end date, taped shut and stacked in a box bound for storage.

I've never misplaced money/cards/MO's, etc.

My kids started a new game with the shucked card boxes... they cut out an entire stack of the cards from the pictures and they MS themselves now... It's all good until they start rattling numbers off when I am trying to record my data from the day. I have to remind them that mine actually have the real money on them, and if they keep rattling numbers off while I am inputting my information, I will have real money confused... They KNOW that's not good! I find it particularly amusing when they are pretend MS'ing and they remark, Oh, great... lets go. Next stop! That new over zealous lady is working the money center! ....
And if you don't mind me asking, which financial software is this?
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