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Originally Posted by rburrel View Post
I am fuming right now!!! So I've talked with about 5 different CSR's today, all of which confirming that I will get the 5x bonus even though I cant find it on my account and it's not mentioned in my T&C.

Well, I have a friend who also recently applied for the card and he went and logged into his account. Not surprisingly, his 5% bonus shows up in the account activity tab, and is also included in his T&S. Based on what I read here, I finally concluded that when I went to apply, I clicked on the 0% for 18 months targeted offer. I specifically remember clicking this offer and being confused whether or not this was the 5% card; however, on this offer, one of the bulleted items was "5% cashback for groc/dining/etc..", so I thought, "ok, that's what I want" and went ahead with the application.

So I call WF back. This time I don't give them the option to tell me that I have the 5% offer. I tell them I thought I was signing up for the 5% card, but believe that maybe I have been enrolled in the 0% for 18 months offer instead. And explain how my friends account shows the 5%, but mine doesn't. The CSR confirms that I DO NOT have the 5% promotion, but the 0%apr promotion instead!

So I explain to her that I don't give a flip about the 0%apr, and the reason I applied for the card was for the 5% promotion, so I need those switched. She then puts me on hold to talk to her supervisor. She comes back 5 minutes later to tell me that they have to request the 5% be added to my account with the executive office, and that said office will contact me within 1 to 5 business days with their decision.

I also mentioned that I would be canceling all my wells fargo accounts if this wasn't straightened up, (I have a checking account plus a sizable HSA account with them).
Sounds like someone at WF may have screwed up or you may have read something incorrectly. Either way, you contacted them, figured out the issue and they are figuring out a way to fix it. Inconvenient? Yes. A reason to freak out? No. At least give them a bit of time to fix the issue. You'll have 6 months to MS with this card, missing out on the first week won't kill you.
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