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Anyone know if there is a way to increase the credit line without a csr looking at it? An automated option like chase has? Just completed my first month and did 3x my $7k limit, but the low limit, the slow posting of charges, and the hold on checks from my other bank into my WF checking account is holding me back.
Can't help you with most of this, but I can say that I did multiples of my CL the first month, and asked for/received CLI near the end of the first month with no adverse effects.

Posting of charges can't be helped, other than your choice in merchants. Some merchants take 2 biz days, some take 3. Stick with the 2 day merchants where possible.

My check funds are always available next business day, both at ATM deposit and teller. If you can't seem to get WF to give you next day funds, maybe your account hasn't been open long enough? Try getting a bank that can ACH push next business day for free, that's extremely helpful.
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