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Nice try. Your bet is wrong and your statement is obviously ridiculous. The cop was watching our conversation with the GAs for 10-15 mins, not looking happy about me prolonging his work. Then, he couldn't stand it anymore came to me and said in a menacing way: "Tell you what, I will go review the TSA footage and if you are wrong, I will kick you out!" I was quite taken aback, as I thought I was within my rights to ask for compensation and talk to the GAs. I was already upset about missing my flight so I didn't hold back and asked him if he is threatening me. I also told him he is there to ensure my safety and not bully me. We exchanged a few more words, then he went to check the footage, was gone for 10 mins. Came back and said I was at the gate at 30 seconds after 8:05pm which was 40 second difference from the time on my watch but still well within the 15 min period. He then tried to ask the GAs what compensation then can give me but they shrugged and said nothing can be done. Then he came to me very apologetic, gave me his name and card and said I can quote him in my complaint. I appreciated that. I guess he felt bad for his rude behavior before. The point is, the cop came to me first and he was definitely not my friend to start.

As people pointed out above. I don't even need the TSA evidence, the time stamp on when I was offloaded should be enough, so there was no panic on my side.

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There is NO WAY a TSA agent would go pull video for you to see what time you got to the gate, that is ridiculous. My bet is you went over to him in a panic and since he doesn't have to or need to deal with you, he agreed, "oh sure yeah it was 8:05" then rolled his eyes...

Good luck proving wheter or not you were on time by going by some off the cuff remark from a TSA agent.... Just complain via an email, and get some miles and move on....
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