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Originally Posted by Happy View Post

If you applied BEFORE the Card No.2 converted to WE, you still have a W at the time you apply the No.3... Unless the 60K invitation does not have the 18 months clause and Citi system does not match recipient of the mailer with the actual applicant...

Again, getting approval does NOT mean getting the bonus. That is why people try to be more cautious to make sure a win instead of a loss.

Calling does not ensure the eligibility of bonus. The reps can only see which offer you applied thru. The reps do NOT see whether you are eligible for the bonus or not - it is determined by the system. That is WHY the Letter has so much importance. You will only know by the wording on the letter whether you would receive bonus or not.

Personally I would not put any big spend on the card UNTIL I receive the letter with the coveted words. There are enough preceding reports in both Exec thread and HHonors thread MONTHS AGO that getting the card does NOT mean getting the bonus, confirmed by the phone reps nonetheless. If the letter that comes without mentioning the bonus, you will NOT get the bonus. period. In fact that is how the people churning Exec cards find out what is the SURE tell about the eligibility of bonus. And such evidence is again proven by the 75K HHonors card offer a few months ago.

Why after a year of such Citi practice (the Approval Letter) people still are not sure what the mechanism is?
In my case, I did not apply until #2 already converted,but I don't have the WE card yet. The W card is showing again in my offers online and in the past, my letter has always come confirming the bonus before the new W arrives, so if this remains the same, I will know for sure if the bonus will apply before #3 arrives and spending begins.
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