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Originally Posted by codenameXXX View Post
I was actually planning to apply for the DoubleCash card. I did not know that the AAdvantage card can be downgraded to it. It should be a great combination with my SoftServe for easy cashback. Thanks for the suggestion!

Edit: Just called their CS. I was told that AAdvantage card can only be converted to different Advantage products but not the Citi Double Cash card. Is this correct? I found several posts on reddit saying that this was possible a few months ago. Has anyone had success in with this product conversion recently?
Your AA card needs to be at least one year old to be eligible to convert to Non-AA cards. Is it one year old yet?

Originally Posted by MadMadso View Post
I called this month, and asked if I had any (retention) offers on the account. They said no, and I asked to have the card downgraded to the NAF 2x cash card. He transferred me and they converted it. I have only had the card a few weeks, so I haven't checked my credit report yet, but they called it a conversion. I'd HUCA.
Your card was 12 months old when you asked for conversion. AFAIK cards below 12 months old are not eligible for conversion because of C.A.R.D. Act prevents banks to change T&Cs on existing cards in its first year, despite in this case it is from a fee card (first year fee waived notwithstanding) to a no fee card. The reward structure changes too, and that is prohibited by the Act. It does not matter the change is requested by the customer, banks just dont want to get into trouble with the government regulation bodies when they are already being fined by compliance failures.

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