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As I mentioned above, I checked in several hours before the departure. Checkin was never an issue.

Originally Posted by fly18725 View Post
Why does it appear to be an IDB? A full flight and standbys doesn't mean someone needs to be denied boarding - it could mean there are non-rev or revenue passengers standing by for the flight. The only motivation that makes sense is getting the flight out early. It's probably an equal amount of work, at least at a small station like this, to VDB or remove a no-show. IDBs is more work, mostly due to having a pissed off customer.

It doesn't hurt to contact United and ask if IDB compensation is appropriate. I still suspect there's a chance the OP didn't make the 30 minute check-in deadline, especially since the OP said they arrived at the airport at T31.
Originally Posted by Soccerdad1995 View Post
The flight went out full. Even if it was not oversold initially, as soon as they cleared a standby, UA created an oversold flight since they were not past the deadline to start offloading checked in passengers.

The exception would be if the OP did not check-in 30 minutes prior to the flight. I have no idea why you consider this to be likely since the OP was at the gate at T-21. Are you proposing that the OP cleared security without a boarding pass? Or are you saying that the OP waited to check in until they got to the airport and then managed to convince UA to let them check-in at T-29 before racing through security and to the gate? Is this scenario possible? Sure. Is it more likely than a GA simply closing boarding early before all checked-in passengers were accounted for? I don't think so.
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